What’s new for 2017?


The new year is bringing new innovations in the industry. Which will be the most important? Take a look at what I think are some of the top trends underway and see if you agree:

Changing Dairy:

Dairy products are a hot topic with consumers. While some consumers are trying to increase their dairy and calcium intake, there’s an even greater number that are looking to cut dairy from their diets for various health and moral reasons. You can now get almost any typical dairy product in a non-dairy version featuring soy, nuts, rice, coconut and even oat ingredients. But who wants to eat yogurt that tastes like oats? Simultaneously, there is a push for foods to go back to basics with more natural components. With that, our commitment at Aurochemicals is to create ingredients that make these products have the taste consumers desire, without sacrificing quality.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality ingredients, naturally. When you start with the finest base components, the final product will have exceptional taste.


Sustainability seems to be a buzzword we hear all the time recently, applied to everything from our energy options to the clothes we buy; but, no more so than with food. We are all worried about where our food comes from, what’s in it and if the ingredients will always be available. This has made the word ‘sustainability’ the “most important” trend to watch in 2017.

At Aurochemicals, you never need to worry about the quality of your ingredients or about running out of your supply. All our products are Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 certified, and we are able to offer a 24-hour turnaround on 95 percent of our products. When corporate sustainability and investment in production is aligned with customer needs, that’s what creates success.

By: Sagar Lachmansing, Vice President, Food Safety & Quality Assurance