Aurochemicals Implements 24 Innovative Efficiencies Across Manufacturing & Infrastructure

Aurochemicals, a manufacturer of natural aroma ingredients, has implemented two dozen innovative efficiencies designed to enhance the company’s safety, quality, product assurance, customer experiences as well as cost-efficiency.

The initiatives are said to span areas from Aurochemicals’ manufacturing/production center to its information-technology infrastructure, from the mind of CEO Deo Persaud’s and his extensive blended background in research, operations, chemistry and executive leadership, and his knowledge of hands-on skills such as engineering modifications and designs.

“Aurochemicals has long prided itself on extreme efficiency, a robust record of innovation and our ability to successfully and continually manage change,” Persaud said. “We prioritize strategic transformation rooted in, and advances, superb quality and value for our customers. That philosophy has been the driving force for breaking new ground and fine-tuning previously implemented improvements to capture even greater successes.”

A top accomplishment, according to Persaud is expanding the Document Center, adding 15,000 informational regulatory documents (now 21,700 documents overall) about its 649 products, which provides a 24/7 library that is searchable and downloadable.

“This database,” Persaud said, “has proven to be a vital repository for Aurochemicals’ valued customers who no longer have to directly contact Aurochemicals with requests. The documents outline how Aurochemicals develops and manufactures each product. They include chemical-origin statements, nutritional information, organic-compliance statements, safety data sheets, product specifications and more.

Examples of efficiencies include:

  • Installation of a drum “massager” to soften and add flexibility to product containers before use, enabling their capacity and handling to be maximized.
  • Introducing the use of tablets to track daily inspections in real time on the warehouse floor.
  • Installation of a bag conditioner to break up lumps in bulk bags and increase production efficiency.
  • Installation of an explosion-proof dust-filtration system to aid safety and quality.
  • Creating a centralized “one stop” work station outfitted with a variety of tools, eliminating the need for employees to visit multiple warehouse areas to complete a single task.

Aurochemicals is now working on 300 potential new products while continually auditing its operations to identify potential improvements.

Source: Perfumer & Flavorist