What to expect for 2015?

Foodnavigator.com’s discussion of flavor/fragrance trends for 2015 certainly gives us interesting “food for thought.” All the website’s trends have merit, but I wanted to embellish on three areas which I feel have key importance:

Sustainable sourcing      
Sustainability of natural flavor ingredient supplies is still a challenge for flavor and food products manufacturers. In 2015, I expect the demands to maintain sustainable supplies of quality materials to remain a key concern for stakeholders as seasonality, geographical availability of product, agricultural practices, technology, logistics, resources, and research and development issues are addressed.

But Aurochemicals, in addition to its own capabilities, successfully works with suppliers and co-manufacturers in ways to optimize availability of ingredients, taking into consideration the many variables that can impact availability. We always maintain proper levels of stock ingredients to meet our customers’ manufacturing demands, with same day shipping for over 350 different natural ingredients.

Natural ingredients
Industry projections, coupled with consumer trends for healthy and functional foods, indicate natural ingredients are rapidly becoming a trend of today’s finished food products. The healthy options, available via naturally sourced ingredients, are further enhanced by the benefits derived from organic materials.

This reflects and is a highlight of Aurochemicals’ vast inventory of natural ingredients because of our commitment and mission to be immediately responsive to industry and consumer wants and needs.

Sweet and spicy
In recent years, some of the most intriguing and exciting flavors have been produced. The credit is due to creative and vibrant research and development efforts. I expect this trend to be intensified in 2015 as the “big buzz” sweet and spicy flavorings grow in response to consumer demand.

The imaginative possibilities in sweet and spicy combination development are limitless with the ingredients available at Aurochemicals. We are the industry gateway to the creation of delicately formulated flavors.

I invite you to read “Foodnavigator.com predicts top industry drivers for 2015” HERE.

I wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous and flavorful 2015.

Vice President & CEO