Welcome to our third decade of being the world’s flavor fragrance leader

Flavoring and fragrance product excellence is the hallmark of Aurochemicals.

For the last 20 years, Aurochemicals’ renowned chemists have provided natural ingredients to manufacturers enabling them to create thousands of unique flavors and fragrances which respond to the desires and interests of a diverse worldwide market.

Now, as we embark on our third decade of business and being the industry’s leader, Aurochemicals’ researchers are enthusiastically working on developing and introducing the newest, customer-driven flavor and fragrance ingredients. We pledge to stay on the forefront of innovative research and development and product introduction. Ground-breaking science and research are the reason Aurochemicals’ products are second to none.

Our beginnings actually started in1991 when Vice President and CEO Deo Persaud, who was then working for a flavor fragrance company in Brooklyn, N.Y., saw a huge disconnect with manufacturers of flavorings and ingredient suppliers. He recognized a need for the development of natural chemical ingredients at the time where a revitalized industry movement wanted to steer clear of using artificial ingredients.

Knowing very few manufacturers had the technology to produce natural chemicals, Deo filled the void and created natural chemical ingredient technology. In 1994, Aurochemicals was born. Deo’s “synthesis of noble ingredients” led to the creation of unique flavor and fragrance ingredients such as delta-tetradecalactone, gamma-nonalactone and phenyl ethyl butyrate, which continue to be in demand worldwide.

Deo’s thinking was exceptionally pioneering at the time and continues to be the genesis for all that Aurochemicals does today.

With Deo’s knowledge and experience, it didn’t take long for Aurochemicals to grow and expand. In 2000, after operating several years as the key manufacturer for the only two American and European distributors worldwide, Aurochemicals expanded its facilities and began directly marketing its products to flavor and fragrance producers. By pairing affordable and competitive pricing with a same day shipping option, we proved why our quality brand is cost effective for our customers.

Shortly after this expansion, Aurochemicals moved to its current location in Washingtonville, N.Y., joining other businesses who know being based in the metropolitan New York City area allow for a specialized niche business like ours to grow and prosper.

The power of natural scent and taste continue to make Aurochemicals the worldwide industry leader. So, savor the flavor and relish the fragrance. As we approach our 25th year of business, know Aurochemicals is the only source you’ll ever need for all your natural flavorings and fragrances.