Trending Consumer Tastes

What's Trending?

Some surprising trends are currently happening in the flavor world. Read on to ensure you stay up to date with what your customers want.

McDonald’s Jumping on The Natural Bandwagon:

Not a sentence you were expecting to read. But despite their unhealthy reputation, McDonald’s has been making strides to improving some of their ingredients, such as removing high fructose corn syrup from their strawberry and chocolate shakes. Their latest move is going to be using natural vanilla flavor in their soft serve. With McDonald’s jump on the natural bandwagon, you know it’s a trend that consumers are really pushing for now.

Natural vanilla flavors are continually increasing in popularity. Aurochemicals has all your Vanillin needs covered with their Natural Vanillin, Ethyl Vanillin Natural and Vanilla Bourbon WONF.

Meeting All Snacking Needs:

While consumers snacking habits can quite vary, we can find some common ground when looking at taste trends. Meet your three consumer snacking groups; core consumers, gatekeepers and roamers. Core consumers want the good stuff; complex flavors and textures, blending taste profiles, salty and sweet, classic and edgy. They are also the ones bringing spicy foods back to the foreground. The gatekeepers are the family buyers who want to feed their family healthy, but delicious foods. They will tend to lean towards vegetable and fruity flavors, even in their sweets. Roamers are the general snack and sweet lovers. They go for anything new and unique, while still clinging to their favorites. These varied tastes leaves room for lots on innovation in flavor.

No matter what your product’s taste profile, Aurochemicals has the flavor ingredients you need to make the most out of your products.

Mapping the World’s Flavors:

We all know that taste preferences vary across the globe. But what do the current global trends look like? In the U.S., coriander and chili powder are big winners, with people adding them to everything from chilis and stews to eggs. Africa is leaning towards the nutty and mild sesame flavors. Japan is feeling the green with the sweet and bitter matcha. And Vietnam is craving the sweet and earthy cinnamon.

Taste trends are ever-changing. Stay ahead of the curve with Aurochemicals, providing you great natural flavor ingredients, when you need them most.