The Importance (and Limits) of Quality Control

It’s often noted that smell and taste are the two senses most closely related to human memory. With that in mind, it isn’t surprising that Aurochemicals, a company that creates flavor and fragrance ingredients, would have such high standards for the consistency and quality of its chemicals. After all, once a consumer smells or tastes the final product, the memory will likely  stay with them forever.

With so much at stake, how do companies like Aurochemicals get it right every time? Even with standardized formulas and high standards for cleanliness, there is still bound to be some variance, and it’s up to us to make sure that margin for error is as slim as possible. We do that by adhering to strict quality control and quality assurance guidelines.

What is quality control?

Any organization that creates products is familiar with the concept of quality control. It exists under the umbrella of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), a system of design, monitoring and control within the facilities and processes that go into making a particular product. The end goal of GMP is quality.

Quality is consistently attained through both quality control and quality assurance. To understand the difference between the two, think of a relay race. A successful relay depends on each team member working hard and demonstrating proper technique throughout the race—this is akin to quality assurance. Quality control, on the other hand, only looks at the end result: whether or not a relay team wins the race, or whether a final product meets the manufacturer’s high standards.

Looking through the limited lens of quality control, a company can see only the flawed outcome of a design and manufacturing process. Quality assurance, conversely, works quality checks into each small step of the process so that errors can be caught more quickly and potentially reversed before they have a long-lasting impact.

Both quality control and quality assurance are essential to a obtaining a good end result. But quality assurance gives companies a better chance at winning the race.

How does Aurochemicals ensure quality?

At Aurochemicals, we take both quality assurance and quality control very seriously. We follow the Safe Quality Food (SQF) management system, recognized all over the world for its effectiveness. In 2015, the company received an A grade for its SQF recertification audit.

Our team of quality assurance and quality control specialists has a combined experience of more than 75 years in product quality and safety. This team constantly checks and monitors a wide range of variables, from pH levels and density to impurities and contaminants, to help ensure ingredients are both safe and enjoyable.

Aurochemicals’ quality control and quality assurance processes have evolved into a set of a highly scientific and quantifiable tests and checks. This commitment to quality helps us to ensure our customers are able to create a product worth remembering.

By Sagar Lachmansing, Vice President of Food Safety & Quality Assurance