Natural Vanillin Critical to Great Tasting Dairy Products

Dairy flavors typically are rich and smooth in nature, and manufacturers of the best products know having natural flavor ingredients is imperative for achieving a high level of quality.

One of the most important flavor ingredients in dairy products is vanillin, an organic crystal found on the exterior of vanilla beans. The crystal does form naturally, but each vanilla pod contains only about 2 percent vanillin. Thus, extracting these naturally occurring crystals, while not impossible, is somewhat inefficient and cost-prohibitive for natural food and flavor manufacturers that aim to sell vanillin at the lowest prices possible.

This is a particular challenge considering that there is an enormous global demand for vanilla flavors, particularly when it comes to dairy products. There is also some demand from manufacturers producing baked goods, pharmaceuticals, cleaning products and perfumes. Current processes do not allow for all of the world’s vanillin to be extracted naturally from vanilla pods, thus resulting in the need for some companies to develop and distribute synthesized versions of the crystal.

The importance of natural

When it comes to creating high-quality dairy products, natural ingredients play a clear role. They make for a much cleaner process throughout, and a smoother finish for the consumer. The quality of the natural ingredients has a direct impact on flavor, with poor quality flavors resulting in a bitter taste and top-quality flavors leading to creamier products that consumers demand and appreciate.

The use of artificial ingredients like synthetic vanillin has been increasingly under a microscope, with more food manufacturers opting to use natural ingredients that provide consumers with greater transparency. A growing number of consumers are paying close attention to what is in their food, and natural ingredients give them the peace of mind that what they are eating or drinking does not contain added chemicals or agents that might have unknown effects on the body.

There are also some key benefits for manufacturers that use natural vanillin compared to synthetic options. It is easier, cleaner and safer to work with these ingredients than those developed via synthetic routes, with a much lower risk of contamination.

Delivering quality over synthetics

Aurochemicals understands the key importance of natural ingredients. The company is known for the 99 percent purity rating in its vanillin, exceeding both food and pharmaceutical grades. This provides for a more palatable flavor. Aurochemicals provides a wide range of flavor ingredients for various different dairy products, backed by years of experience in developing flavor ingredients that lead to the very best yogurt, ice cream, desserts and other dairy items for global brands.

The company’s success is rooted in its ability to manufacture high quality vanillin through efficient processes, which knowledgeable flavorists monitor through all stages of development. This reinforces our approach in the manufacturing process to omit synthetic raw materials/process aids/inorganic solvents leading to a more desirable and consumer friendly product for the end user.