Keeping Up With Consumer Taste Trends

What's Trending?

As the year progresses, we are seeing some current consumer taste trends holding fast and some new ones gaining ground. Are you prepared to keep up with these trends?

Florals Moving In:

Think jasmine, rose, hibiscus, lavender and chamomile. For many years, floral flavors have consistently been popular in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Now, we’re seeing this trend moving steadily into North America. Once limited to just teas, these floral flavors are expanding their range into areas like flavored waters, candy, ice cream and yogurts. As consumers’ taste for floral increases, expect to see these flavors flow into even more food categories.

At Aurochemicals, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve. We are continuously adding new flavor ingredients to our catalog, so you’ll always be ahead of the game.

Natural is Still King:

Natural flavors and ingredients still rank high on consumers’ wish lists. Non-GMO labels are gaining in popularity this year. Consumers are even looking for fruit and vegetable ingredients in unique places like baked goods and snacks. Sugar reduction is also a popular trend this year, leading people to look for sweetness and flavor alternatives.

Making natural flavor ingredients is always a top priority at Aurochemicals. Not only are they better for you, they are what consumers want.

Year-Round Seasonal:

Some people never want pumpkin spice season to end. Well-known seasonal flavors are usually limited to the season they are associated with. But now, more and more people want these seasonal flavors available year-round. Not only that, but they want these flavors in a larger variety of products. It’s no longer just teas and coffees, but also cookies, salads and even cereal. Seasonal flavors make people feel nostalgic, special and warm. They are also perceived to be fresher because they are “in season”.

Vanillin is an essential component of many seasonal vanilla and vanilla-like flavors. Aurochemicals has all your Vanillin needs covered with their Natural Vanillin, which has a minimum purity of 99 percent. Aurochemicals’ Vanillin offers a high-quality ingredient that never sacrifices taste.